DC conducts surprise check at red cross De-addiction centre

April 01, 2014 05:20 PM

NAWANSHAHR :Deputy Commissioner cum Chair person, District Red Cross Society, Smt. Anindita Mitra accompanied by Assistant Commissioner, Geetika Singh, today, conducted surprise check at the De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre being run by the State Red Cross Society.

The DC interacted with the patients to take firsthand information of the treatment, counselling and other facilities at the De-addiction centre. “While hailing the voluntary decision of the patients to get rid of their habit of taking drugs, the DC exhorted them to stick to the determination as not the medicines but their will would virtually help them to join the social main stream. The DC also asked the staff of the De-addiction centre to exert their nerves to deal the patients sympathetically alongwith therapic treatment to help them to come out of the vicious circle.

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