Stinking heaps of garbage a threat to life in Jalandhar

January 28, 2014 10:58 PM

JALANDHAR: Heaps of garbage scattered on the roads and every nook and corner of the streets all over the city due to ten days strike of the safai workers had started stinking. The municipal Corporation authorities are unable to get the bags of garbage thrown on the streets and bazaars lifted and the streets cleaned even after the strike had been called of five days back.
The entire city is witnessing a pathetic and poor picture of sanitation for everyone in the city and the visitors especially the traders coming to purchase sports goods.
The garbage had polluted the atmosphere all around the city and the people had to pass through the heaps full of filth and garbage with their nose covered to avoid rotten smell emanating from these heaps. The variana dump used for dumping garbage had been running short of space to digest more garbage. Residents of the city fear breaking of diseases of chronicle type due to stink.
Mayor Sunil Jyoti said that it will take time to clear the garbage from the city streets, bazaars and roads. The safai workers had struck work in the city on Jan 15 to press for their demand of revocation of Solid Waste Management Project allotted to a private company after which the sanitation conditions of the city had become worst. The strike which lasted for ten days was called off on Jan.24 after the state government gave an undertaking that the project would be launched only when the Punjab Safai Karamchari Union will give its consent.


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