BJP may bring drastic change in its strategy in Punjab

October 20, 2014 01:36 PM

CHANDIGARH:  After an outstanding performance in Haryana elections, BJP may bring drastic changes in its policy in Punjab and play a dominating role to eastablish its base in the border state. Being in power at the center, BJP would have srong influence over its alliance partner SAD.

BJP has won Haryana elections despite strong opposition by SAD, INLD, Congress and other regional parties. While Congress was facing strong anti-incumbency factor, the INLD was major stake holder for power in the state. BJP for the first time in the history of Haryana would be forming a government at its own. Was it Modi factor that sweeped across the state or follies of opposition parties that helped BJP emerge winnder ? It is million dollar question being debate across the parties and people.

BJP appears to have turned tables on opposition armed with Modi wave. Having government at the center was to its advantage. The field was open for both INLD and BJP to ride over the antiu-incumbency under current. Om Parkash Chautala former Chief Minister and supremo of INLD who is in jail in a corruption case had tried to get sympathy of voters, blaming Congress and BJP responsible for his arrest and conviction. BJP was a former alliance partner with INLD and had no role in exdposing the teacher's recruitment scam in which Chautala is jailed. He however blamed present BJP led NDA government for cancellation of his bail. Interstingly SAD an alliance partner of BJP in center and Punjab was supporting Chautala's assertions.

The people of the state didn't buy the logic offered by Chautrala and his coming out on bail for campaining had rather proved counter-productive and reminded people of excesses committed by Chautala government and the corruption that prevailed during INLD rule. The support of SAD further complicated things for INLD and negated the efforts of INLD to influence voters to provide clean and efficient government. The BJP leaders in Haryana and a dedicated team of party from Punjab exposed the alleged misdeeds of SAD. The INLD also failed to clear doubts in the minds of Sikhs about the fate of Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Parbhandak Committee (HSGPC). SAD had announced to scrap the Gurdawara Committee act if INLD-SAD alliance formed government. Sikh voters went by the promsie by BJP not to disturb HSGPC.

Since BJP had made scathing attack on SAD and blamed it for corruption, rise in crime and emergence of mafia in various trades. BJP may continue to question SAD in matters of governance and adopt aggressive posture. BJP may ask for bigger pie in the coming local bodies elections. This issue may further spoil the relations between two alliance partners. BJP is worried abfout its urban vote bank which it has lost due to heavy taxing and poor civic amenties in cities.

The recent meeting between BJP senior leader L.K.Advani with the head of dera Beas and support extended by dera Sirsa to BJP in Haryana are important developments which would change the course of politics in the state. Inhcidently SAD was also dependent on support of deras parcularly Sirsa and Beas to win the elections. The Sant Samaj is also supporting SAD and support from various deras was one of the factors for victory of SAD in 2012 elections. The more dominant role BJP will paly in Punjab, more it would get the support of masses, the political observers said.

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