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Ways that can help you to keep common winter diseases at bay

November 07, 2014 12:59 PM

Prevention tips and remedies
Blowing your nose regularly without hurting your ears helps in quicker recovery.Often washing hands regularly keep germs at bay, and prevents worsening of the condition. Apart from that it also helps keep other opportunistic infections away, as they do tend to attack when your immune system is weak.

Using disposable paper tissues instead of cloth handkerchiefs helps to prevent re-infecting your hands.

Drinking plenty of fluids and a proper diet also helps in faster recovery from cold.

When the airways between the throat and the lungs get blocked by dust, pollen, etc. (more common during winter as these particles stay suspended in the air for a longer time) it results in coughing. The body makes an effort to clear theses blocked passages by coughing.
Prevention tips and remedies
Avoid dust by covering you mouth while travelling or going outside.
Drinking hot fluids helps in relieving congestion.
Ginger tea or black pepper tea also helps relieving cough.
Have hot steamy showers as they loosen phlegm and relax your nasal tracts and help you relax.
Gargling with hot water and salt also helps in relieving cough. You can read more about Natural remedies for frequent cold and cough

Sore throat
Sore throat is characterized by a burning, itchy sensation at the back of the throat. Pain while swallowing and tenderness in throat are also signs of a sore throat.
It is usually accompanied by cold, cough and mild fever.
Prevention tips and remedies
Saltwater gargles provide temporary relief from the soreness and pain and help in relaxing.
Lozenges also help relieve the irritation.
If soreness in the throat persists for a long time it should be examined by a medical practitioner and should not be neglected.

Dry itchy skin
As the temperatures and humidity drops, lack of moisture in the environment causes dry itchy skin.
Prevention tips and remedies
Using a natural moisturiser like almond oil or coconut oil can help restore the skins moisture.
Also using commercially available moisturizers help in limiting the loss of moisture from the skin.
Maintain a diet containing appropriate amount of oils and fats help in reducing the effect of winter on the skin.

Asthma in winter is worsened as the airways are clogged with mucous and are tighter making it difficult to breathe. Also the allergens triggering asthma tend to linger in the air for long and thus irritating the nasal passage.
Prevention tips and remedies
Staying indoors to avoid dust and pollution aids preventing a possible asthma attack.
While being indoor, keeping your house clean and dry is important.
While outdoors make sure you cover your mouth and nose with scarves and stay warm.
Limit time with your pets as they trigger an asthma attack.

Joint pain
Joint pain in winter results due to stiffness of muscles. People suffering from Arthritis also complain that winter worsens their condition. The pain can get worse in case one has suffered joint injuries.
Prevention tips and remedies
Eating healthy, including foods containing omega-3-fatty acids, vitamin C &K rich foods in your diet helps preventing joint pain. Here are some more diet inclusions to beat arthritis.
Working out daily or taking a walk daily also helps prevent stiffness in joints. During winter people tend to stay indoors getting very little exercise and hence making muscles more stiff.
Drinking turmeric and ginger tea also aids in relieving joint and arthritic pain.
Massaging the joints with extra virgin olive oil lubricates them and reduces joint pain.
Soaking in some warm water with half a cup of Epsom salt tends to relieve joint and arthritic pain.
With these remedies and prevention tips now you can face the winter bravely.

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