Handicrafts exhibition fails to attract local public

February 21, 2014 11:25 AM

AMRITSAR: The ten-day All India Handicrafts and Handloom exhibition organized here in city, where artists from all over the country exhibit their creative and antique work. Though the work of artisans were commendable, but certainly their antique art work have failed to attract the locals, as no crowd were seen on the exhibition spot.

Mamta,Rajasthani artist was crestfallen, as no footfalls were seen on her stall. Despite she exhibits the traditional Rajasthan jewellery which is rarely found in city, fails to make her earnings from exhibition. Mamta, anticipating earning more from exhibition was seen in despondent, as few do stops at her stall but does not buy anything.

More than 200 stalls are put up in exhibition by artists hailing from all over the country. Traditional furniture, home furnishings, handicrafts, madhubani paintings, Rajasthani juttis & jewellery and onyx stone crafted by artists from all over the India were on display here. A city based artist Bharti Malhotra, who runs her own label of handicrafts & home decor pieces says that "no favorable response has been coming from public till now"

Six days have passed to exhibition ,every day we come expecting to make some earnings out of it,but nothings proves favorable says Indra Nagra from jaipur. On asking what could be the reason behind such a poor response from people, most of the artisans opines that no efforts had been made to publicize the exhibition.

With four days left to exhibition, artists are still clung to the hope of making earning from exhibition.

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