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Rs. 22 lakh robbed in Jalandhar

March 23, 2015 11:45 AM

JALANDHAR: The infamous gas cutter gang of Jalandhar struck again and threw an open challenge to city police when it targeted State Bank of India (SBI) ATM in the city and decamped away with over Rs. 22 lakh in cash.

The police which had just a few days ago claimed that it has checked the security arrangements in all the ATMs of the banks in city and had also claimed to have busted a gang which was targeting ATMs in the city was left red faced as the gang struck the ATM again on Saturday night.

The robbers brought gas cutter, snapped the CCTV camera wires, cut the ATM, collected the cash and walked away with over Rs.22 lakh before anyone could get to know of it.

The amount has been told 'off the record' by bank authorities even as the police said that it could not as yet confirm the exact amount robbed.

Interestingly, the ATM is situated outside the SBI branch just outside gate no.2 of Maqsudan Sabzi Mandi on GT Road.

There was no guard present at the ATM and most probably also in the branch.

Sources said that there was a 'Jagrata' nearby, where famous singer Master Saleem had come to perform.

The robbers seemed to have availed the 'opportunity' as most of the people were busy attending the Jagrata.

The robbery came to light in the morning when the monitoring cell of the bank at Mumbai alerted the authorities that there was something wrong with the particular ATM at Jalandhar.

The authorities then rushed to the ATM and found the alert to be true and informed the police.

Police Station Division No.1 SHO Navdeep Singh rushed to the scene of crime to take stock of the situation.

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