Daler Mehndi Releases The Good Fortune Song

March 30, 2015 11:27 AM

“Fortune favor us; bless us with all you can. May our coffers be full and our hearts fuller.” Having a huge fan following that spans across boundaries of the globe, versatile Indian singer Daler Mehndi has taken the above as the base of operations for his new single ‘Maa Padmavati’ based on the much sought and worshipped goddess Padmavati herself.

The singer who recently visited the ancient Padmavati temple at Krishnagiri was heavily inspired from the artistic representations of the goddess in various forms. Sources claim that he was approached by many of the visitors at the temple to compose a song that they could hum along to.
Keeping his fan’s aspirations and desires in mind, Daler brings a mixture of simple rustic lyrics, words which are a manifestation of any layman’s desires. From aspiring to be rich to wanting sons and daughters, the song covers the Touchpoints which are the inner most desires of most men and women today.

Utilizing modern day beats, the composition is fresh, out of the box and brings forth the essence of material desires and spiritual wishes that people seek today. Daler gives his fans yet another surprise with this track as he reaches out to their hearts.

Daler Mehndi who has played an unprecedented role in furthering Indian pop music with hits like ‘Tunak Tunak’ and ‘Hojayegi Balle Balle’ plays the role of a folklorist as he uses the potent mix of Maa Padmavati to let his fanbase groove along with this foot tapping rhythm. The singer remarks that “ Maa Padmavati, The Song of fortune is a Bhajan, substantiating on the fact that it’s based on the Universal Celestial Power – the Adi Shakti – the Universal Mother and her human world avatar ‘Maa Padmavati,’ According to Hindu scriptures, she is Kalyug’s deity of Fortune who answers the prayers of those seeking to manifest their worldly desires immediately.”

The song has been launched under his maiden proprietary record label D Records and is available on the singer’s social media platforms for take away.

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